Welcome to the World of Kids Stories about Friendship!

NatalieTinti.com is a kid friendly website featuring the work of the children’s book author and illustrator, Natalie Tinti. Since Natalie is herself a child, she writes exciting, relatable kids stories that fully engage young readers.

Her bestselling children’s books about friendship teach children the importance of inviting people who seem “different” into their lives. Young readers will be so busy enjoying Natalie’s whimsical illustrations and the characters’ fun adventures; they might not realize they’re also learning important lessons that will last them a lifetime. Parents are encouraged to use these books to talk with their kids about friendships and “fitting in”.

Natalie hopes she can play an important role in helping children see that differences in others are actually attractive. “If more kids would learn to think that way,” says Natalie, “we’d have far less bullies in our schools and less children who feel alone, rejected, and unloved.”