Welcome to the World of Kids Stories about Friendship!

NatalieTinti.com is a kid friendly website featuring the work of the children’s book author and illustrator, Natalie Tinti. Since Natalie is herself a child, she writes exciting, relatable kids stories that fully engage young readers.

Her bestselling children’s books about friendship teach children the importance of inviting people who seem “different” into their lives. Young readers will be so busy enjoying Natalie’s whimsical illustrations and the characters’ fun adventures; they might not realize they’re also learning important lessons that will last them a lifetime. Parents are encouraged to use these books to talk with their kids about friendships and “fitting in”.

Natalie hopes she can play an important role in helping children see that differences in others are actually attractive. “If more kids would learn to think that way,” says Natalie, “we’d have far less bullies in our schools and less children who feel alone, rejected, and unloved.”

Kids Stories about Friendship

Moms and dads which read children’s stories out loud to their young kids offer a strong, positive impact and develop a foundation for a life time of significant advantages. However, what really are these reading out loud advantages? What sort of difference are we talking about here?

Below is a recap of the significant ways in which reading kids’ stories especially about friendship aloud to kids will help alter their lives… as well as yours, as parents… in a good way. It would not going to transpire overnight, as change is basically gradual, yet dedicated and continued reading will most certainly bring visible, long-term changes to your children’s holistic development.

Did you even know…?

  • In this day and age of busy schedules as well as hectic lives, reading children stories together is an enjoyable and simple way for the parents to take time out and focus on the family.  Your children absolutely need a lot of special as well as dedicated quality time together with their loved ones.
  • Reading children’s stories is a great bonding experience that fosters meaningful individualized interaction with our youngsters.
  • Reading children’s stories aloud about inspiration to our kids is absolutely just plain fun!
  • It reveals our kids in no uncertain terms that they are very important to us.
  • It molds our children into becoming readers themselves, and raising a reader considerably improves the potential of our child for scholastic success as well as long-lasting success in general.
  • It is a crucial and also important component of educating our youngsters how to read as children learn how to read by just being read to.
  • kids stories about frindshipIt expands our kid’s horizons and perspectives, quells fears, exposes them to new situations, and teaches them appropriate behavior.
  • It assists our kids in mastering development of language.
  • It progresses your kids’ ability to express themselves more easily, clearly as well as confidently in written and spoken terms.
  • It improves creativity as well as your child’s ability to make use of their own vivid imagination!
  • It fosters and develops your children’s natural inquisitiveness and curiosity.
  • It builds child’s listening skills, improves the attention span of your child, as well as develops the capability to focus at length of which all are learned skills.
  • Reading picture books improves young children’s appreciation for the arts by being exposed to many different styles of illustrations and art.
  • Reading fairy tale books for your children allows them to become imaginative.
  • Reading bible stories for your children lets them appreciate the good works of Jesus Christ our Lord and our Divine savior.
  • Reading inspirational books for your children gives them the motivation to do good every day.
  • Reading children’s stories to our kids offers the best opportunities for genuine “teaching moments.”

There is so much that reading children’s books and stories to our kids can do for them. Let us commence reading together, not tomorrow, but today!