Photo by Jenna

Natalie Tinti was born and raised in southern California where she was the youngest of four kids. She grew up in a house that was a mix of English and Russian speakers.

The passion for art took a hold of her at a young age. As a kid there was desire to make messes for the sake of observing color mix and form shapes.
Her older brother would watch shows that began to take this hint of interest into a deeper understanding of why she loved creating. Such shows as Dragon Ball Z, Ineyusha, Yugio, and Naruto became amusing for more than just the plot. Anime became the teacher to drawing. This catapulted the desire to form translatable human characters.

Natalie became immersed in creating. There was a realization after many years of trying to copy manga that art meant more. It wasn’t just wanting to portray characters that translated well but a way to let emotions shine into. Art can heal. Creating was a way to transform negative experiences and emotions that set her back into different results.

Natalie Tinti is currently going to Cornish College of the Arts to receive her Masters in Fine Art. She is looking forward to what the future holds. She has

ans of curating her own shows and doing murals. k