Photo by Jenna

About The Artist

Natalie Tinti was born and raised in southern California where she was the youngest of four kids. Her family consisted of a mix of English and Russian speakers. They grew up in a small town that had very little for a child to do. Most of the years spent was in the parks, going back and forth between them. Art became a form of entertainment at a young age.

She followed manga for guidance and branched out to comics to understand other forms of drawing. Curiosity for art’s properties became her compass. Overtime she came to understand that creating art is powerful. It was a portal to project emotions through characters or situations. Art became a way of story telling. It could translate a creator’s thought to another person’s mind, it could form a conversation.

Natalie Tinti is currently going to Cornish College of the Arts to receive her Bachelor’s in Fine Art. She is looking forward to what the future holds. She has plans of curating her own shows and doing murals in the future. Her hope is to reach out to more people with .

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